Thank you for supporting us on the release of our debut album "The Devil's Doorbell"
Space Cushion could not have pulled this off without
the time, talents, and support of the following people:

Scotty would like to thank the following people for their patience, support, time, and talent!
This would not have been possible without them:

My fam: Emily, Griffin, Harper; My partners in crime: Bill Corley, Kyle Bassett, Wes Cummings;
The killer production team of Chris Foster and Jon Millican; my main man and "5th Cushion" Barry Welch.

And in no particular order: Derek Carlin, Nola Brown, Rachel Elise, Derek Davis, Ben Mills, Jim Daeng Ostrander,
Jenn Gober, Eddie Tran, Christopher Esbon Hipp, Chris Henry, Meagan Hipp, Ruby Tran, Dana Cooper, Eric Cooper,
Bruce Ford, Karen Palm, Jennifer Hicks, Jen Clemons, Bret Bryon, Eric Dickerson, Margaret Dickerson, Tony Park,
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Kevin Dodds, Kent Raffray, Jason Smith, Jacob Nehman, Jay Zeigler, Christy McBride Odom, Ann Jeffries, Catie Bailey,
Steve Bailey, Lola Laruche, Carla Knowles (R.I.P.), Glen Ramsey, Josh Welch, Katie Welch, Aunjunee Saldivar, Micaela Obledo
and so many others who have supported the music, been involved with the music, and/or became great friends!!

More to come from the rest of the guys!!

Song Lyrics:
Walk Away
Somebody's pumping you full of shit
When it gets tough you up and quit
You always claimed to be a star
Acting like this won't get you too far

Pulled the rug out from under me
Swept the dust under and threw away the key
Your reasons don't make a bit of sense
And I'm left here to clean up the mess

So walk away, walk away, yeah
So walk away, walk away, yeah
Get up and leave before you do the test
But I guess that's what you do best

See these folks standing in line
They're the ones you left behind
They gave you love, energy, and time
In return you've turned your blind eye

Like the wolf in the dead of night
You had your feast and said goodnight
With one breath you felled this house of sticks
So this next one will be built of brick
You walk among the shadows
Skulking in the dark
Never feel the warmth of the sun
Only hear the cry of the lark

You never see the break of day
Only play in the night
Afraid someone might see
How you look in the light

I can't tell you how to live
I can't tell you how to love
All I can do is offer you
A piece of my advice

I have seen the light
I have seen the dark
I have witnessed twilight
And late nights in the park
Glendower Days
Last night as I laid awake alone in my bed
Some visions of the good life were dancing in my head
The street where we once lived, so different so the same
Same numbers, same houses, yet the faces have all changed
All of us were friends there now we've gone our separate ways

On that street we laughed a lot, we cried a little, too
Bust since that's what it's all about I guess that it will do

Those days may be gone but inside me they remain
My best friend lived down the street just past the sewer drain
In the old brown house just a few steps down the street
I never got to taste her, we always kept it neat
Many a night spent but never in her bed
Never really wanted it that way but I guess it's for the best

Not too much to care about just the wood beneath our feet
A place to hang, a place to sleep, something to drink and something to eat
We rolled in the market lots and the banks of the Derriere
Anywhere that it felt right and stayed out as late as we dared
All of us were friends there now we've gone our separate ways
Black Cat
The flowers that you wore
The evening of the dance
Brought to light my innocence
I was fixed in a trance

I didn't stand a chance
I didn't stand a chance
Against your...

Putting on my coat
Trying to play it cool
Putting on my front
Truth to be told I felt like a fool

Golden as the sunshine
Bluer than my past
Smiling so spry
Your test I could not pass
Smell my flowers and taste my feast
If I'm the most why do I get the least?
Yesterday without me you would've died
Today you only want to hide
You're so tired, oh so beat
Cuz you're tasting someone else's meat

I did not tell you what you wanted to hear
I came forth and I faced my fears
Now I see my suspicions confirmed
I was too late, what a lesson I’ve learned

I was standing in front of the drawer
I was picking out some nails
So I put them in the cross
Then I nailed you to the wall
Arms so long yet they can't reach
Being sucked on by a leech

My legs grow numb against the cold
O my god, I've gotten old
I can't see that far away
I still can’t see you near me
Maybe I need new glasses
Or maybe I'll just skip my classes
Built my fortress, brick by brick
Walls of marble six feet thick
Swords are drawn, drawbridge is up
Oil is hot, come and fill my cup

I don't want to be your slave
No it's just your soul I crave
I don't want to dig this grave
But now I know it can't be saved

Enemies storm my castle walls
In the disguise of siren calls
But I won't heed like I've done before
Made my stand, now I'm prepared for war
Morality In Space
Yesterday has come and gone
And left me here all alone
The forces that evade my goal
Of living for tomorrow

Chorus 1:
Takes me so far away
I can't wait for another day
Oh maybe soon we will find a way
If I lose then I will stay

The supersonic turbo in my brain
Releases broken vows with no name
I'm sticking to it frame by frame
And leave no room for your sweet pain

Chorus 2:
I see corruption in your face
Dirty images take your place
How do you handle the disgrace?
When morality ends up in space

All lyrics by Scott M. Carlin © 2020 Pushin for the Cushion Music, BMI, except "Morality In Space"
by Jeremy Alexander © 1998, 2020 Thought Provoking Music, BMI. Reprinted with permission.

© 2020 Pushin for the Cushion Music, BMI, unless otherwise indicated